2017 Countdown

Monday, November 6, 2017

Miscellaneous Party Details

This should answer most questions regarding miscellaneous party info, particularly for those who haven't been able to join us before, but be sure to email or call us if we've overlooked something!

Most guests wear anything from semi-casual to cocktail attire, so please just wear whatever you're comfortable in. Jeans are entirely acceptable.

Children: No children (human or canine), please. We know you love 'em; our house, unfortunately, does not. It barely tolerates Matza & Tobi most days...

Food: You don't need to bring any dishes or food items to share. We'll have it covered.

Party Space: As always, please make yourself at home while you're here! To allow the wait staff the space they need to do their job, we do ask that you please avoid congregating in the kitchen.

Parking: Due to extremely limited parking in our neighborhood, we strongly encourage you to use a ride-sharing service. Should you drive, please don't park in front of the driveway so that we can get in & out if need be; otherwise, you can park along the curb on Big Lake Court and street-side on Windy Woods Drive (the road you turn onto from Trenton Road). Out of respect for our neighbors, try to only park on one side of Windy Woods Drive since it is a narrow road.

Hotel: If you are coming in from out-of-town and need overnight accommodations, we'd recommend the following hotels convenient to our house:

Monday, July 31, 2017

Save the Date!

We hope you can join us at Big Lake on Saturday, December 9th at 6 PM to celebrate the holiday season with the 8th Annual Glorious Christmas Party!

You'll receive an evite and more details as the time gets closer; we do ask that you RSVP to the evite as promptly as possible once it arrives so that we can get an accurate head count for food & drinks & all things glorious. (And, if you're coming in from out-of-town, let either one of us know if you need hotel recommendations. There are a few close to us, but they do tend to book up early for the holidays so it's best to reserve now.)

In the meantime, best wishes to you and yours!

~Artis & Kade